Girls, we are in full season of weddings, baptisms and communions and in today’s post we will follow the important steps to take to your evening wedding the right headdress. Let’s start!

The etiquette for evening guests: What headdress should I wear?

When we get that wonderful invitation from a loved one who is getting married, we obviously rejoice at their engagement. But the moment it arrives we start to worry about what to wear to a morning or afternoon wedding.

Do not despair because we make a very quick reminder of dress. For day weddings we will choose to wear cocktail dresses. If our event is at night, we will choose a dress with a longer cut. Always taking into account what kind of ceremony is going to be celebrated by the type of neckline you would wear: religious, civil

The accessories vary a lot, especially the headpieces!

Completely discard that pamela you had in mind because this is an important point if the wedding will be held in the afternoon / evening.

What is the easiest option? Wear nothing and succeed with a bombshell hairstyle or be totally fashionable with the guest trend that are the incredible headbands that you can find in any thickness, design, fabric or color.

Opt for details such as colored crystal combs, they will brighten up your hairstyle!

You are in luck if you like metallics, the headdresses in the shape of a Greek goddess crown with leaves or details are the most requested for this type of event, you can get them to put them in your hair loose or up in gold and silver, they are the most requested for this type of event!

If you are looking for something simpler, choose fabrics such as satin or plain velvet that you can find in a billion shades and even for the most daring, you can find details such as beetles, branches or insects that make it a complement for the perfect guest.

We hope we have helped you to find your evening headdress. Remember that our team of stylists at INVITADISIMA is just a click away!