Choosing the perfect earring is a challenge when we have an event around the corner like a wedding or a party and we know it. Don’t worry, follow these steps to choose your guest accessory thanks to the advice of our team of INVITADISIMA stylists.

The perfect earring to give light to your face and become the perfect guest.

With our accessories section you will not know which one to choose because they are all wonderful. From brands like Lavani, Acus, Welowe and more, you will shine like never before!

Which earring is my best ally?

Many of us have doubts about the shape, the length, the material…and it is chaos if we do not know these small details and a badly chosen earring spoils your guest look:
  • Very important point, you wear the earrings on your face and your hairstyle will say a lot about the size of your jewelry. If you have curly hair, the ideal are earrings in straight lines so as not to detract from your hair. If on the other hand your hair is straight, an earring with volume will be your perfect choice.
  • Let’s talk about the tone of your hair, it’s also important! The perfect shade for brunettes are the earrings that will give light to your face, the shine! If you have red hair, colors like green or blue are ideal. What about blondes? Light colors will look great on you, although we don’t rule out a passionate red…
  • What will the length of your earring be like? Well, if you have a long neck, opt for long earrings, they will accentuate the lines of your face and give a lot of elegance to your face. On the contrary, if you have a short neck, smaller earrings will be perfect.
  • An interesting point is whether wearing gold or silver is important, yes! Brunettes tend to look better with gold colors than, for example, lighter-haired brunettes, who favor silver much more. Note it!
  • Million dollar question, which one is best for my face shape? If you have a round face opt for geometric earrings, avoid earrings. Those with a more square face will opt for round earrings leaving aside those of the same shape as your face. Finally, those of you with a triangular face, do not look at those of the same shape, XXL earrings are the bomb!
  • We hope we have advised you to choose your perfect earring. Enter our earrings section with confidence and choose the earring that will make you feel and look like the perfect guest.