Many of you may not have known her until you saw that the Oscar nomination for her performance in ‘Room’ or her role in the MARVEL saga for ‘Captain Marvel’ have gone hand in hand with the actress. In today’s post we take you with us to the most desired carpet in Hollywood to get actress Brie Larson sophisticate look.

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True to her style, we see a Brie somewhat conservative but at the same time daring in her simple and sophisticated looks. Lover of midi cuts and asymmetrical necklines in every event she attends, we have also seen her wearing long dresses with cuts in the length of the skirt that awaken that sensual side of the actress.

We have also seen her wearing printed fabrics that do not go unnoticed or glitter combined with plain fabrics. She is not a person who sticks to a specific color, thanks to her personality she experiments with any shade and takes risks with everything she wears.

With a very millennial and elegant style, we can say that she looks good in everything she wears, since we haven’t experienced that ups! moment with her red carpet outfits yet.

Inspirational woman and fighter for many thanks to her role as a heroine in the Marvel saga, ‘Captain Marvel’.

Named on every carpet or event as one of the best dressed women of the night, we can’t agree more because she always leaves us with a great taste in our mouths and with her outfits that fit every curve that belongs to her, we give her a super 10!

We leave you the best looks that you can get just one click away at INVITADISIMA:

These are our favorites, and yours?

vestido largo asimetrico rojo


vestido largo verde con tirantes


vestido de fiesta blanco con tirantes brie larson

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