chica con pamela morada y adornos

Guest, with this change of season, fall weddings would not be the same without a complement according to the season. That’s why today in INVITADISIMA we welcome you to a new brand of accessories that has just arrived so that you can be the perfect guest at your next event.

Dazzle at your next event with the new brand of accessories that will make you the perfect guest.

D’nue For Ladies is the new brand of accessories that joins INVITADISIMA. The ideal guest will have the opportunity to delight with their party bags, as well as headdresses for weddings. We explain a little more of its history so that you know better the new brand that joins our website.

D’nue For Ladies is the business idea of three sisters passionate about fashion. With a strong experience in the design of accessories for women and specialized in image and styling, they decided to launch into the business adventure with this great project.

As for the elaboration process of their products, these first start with an exclusive design by the hand of the designers and then go through the handmade production chain. The result is unique and 100% handmade products. Quality and exclusivity in each of their designs.

In its wide variety of products, you can see a common pattern, offering solutions and ideal accessories for all those guests who want to look extra in their perfect look. Not only important events such as weddings, baptisms, or communions, but you can even wear them in your day-to-day.

Remember guest, if you have a day wedding, the accessories you choose will be the most suitable for an event held in the morning, such as raffia fabrics, plain or velvet for these dates. Opt for more special accessories with details such as rhinestones or glittering brocades for evening celebrations.

D’nue For Ladies is another of the Spanish entrepreneurial firms that we love to have in INVITADISIMA. Don’t forget that by shopping at INVITADISIMA you are helping thousands of Spanish families who depend on their projects and businesses to move forward.