lady di sombrero

An inspiration for the nation and fashion.

Guest, today we talk about a reference in the world of fashion that is no longer with us for a few years, but today, the so-called queen of hearts in her nation and the planet has left us the best moments and the best closet. It has become one of the inspirational icons for designers today. We are talking about Lady Diana of Wales.

Discover the secret that many of you didn’t know and that now comes to light…

Many media such as press, television, and digital have followed in the footsteps of Lady Di over the years, and inspiration for many celebrities and even within the British monarchy, with Kate Middleton and Megan Markle who have made tributes at official events.

Thanks to documentaries and series based on the monarch, Netflix has given us a great series called The Crown. There we have been able to appreciate every detail of the style that will reign Diana Spencer forever in our hearts.

One of the secrets we will tell you is the following: Diana did not like fashion – yes, just as you read it. Once engaged, it was overnight, where she went from a shy young aristocrat to a future princess in the spotlight, and she had to dress accordingly.

Princess Diana’s iconic wedding dress epitomized exactly that aesthetic, thanks to its incredibly puffy sleeves and miles and miles of taffeta. In case you didn’t know, did you know there was a second dress made as a backup, and that her wedding tiara had special significance?

Six keys on how to dress in pure Lady Di style will guide you to a great inspiration in your closet.

Here is a selection of his best moments over the decades:

If you have an event later this year or in 2021, don’t hesitate to show off your Lady Di inspiration, looks that work despite the trends. Also, our team of INVITADISIMA stylists can offer you to be the perfect guest on your most special occasion.