teresa andrés gonzalvo con traje de chaqueta en color melocotón

Today marks 10 very special years since Instagram first saw the light of day. A channel that today 95 million images and videos are uploaded daily for our entertainment, our day to day with family and friends, and above all to express and inspire all of us in some aspect of our lives.

For this reason, today’s post could not be less than the introduction to the era of influencers. They are the ones who bring information to our devices to show us not only that 1% they share of their lives but also give visibility and support to small and large companies to promote their products.

One of our most special brands is the Portuguese fashion brand Elsa Barreto, with a unique and well-established identity, it produces collections instantly recognized by a prominent personality, where feminine lines and conceptual design stand out.

The Elsa Barreto brand also has a frequent presence in the press, dressing public figures in most media events, which inevitably led Elsa Barreto to be recognized as a reference brand in the national fashion scene.

That is why we show you a very special side for the INVITADISIMA team, not only for having achieved the presence of this brand on our platform, but also in visibility to such special garments with great prescribers that we have today among us.


One of the most loved and known influencers of our country, for her charisma, sympathy and closeness. Teresa chose a beautiful suit jacket in coral color, with “wide leg” pants. Undoubtedly a very successful styling and 100% in line with her elegant and sophisticated style.


The influencer specialized in guest, chose a long red strapless party dress perfect for sister of the bride or groom. Sandra, a regular contributor to INVITADISIMA, was radiant with this wonderful premium quality design.


The Portuguese influencer is a regular with Elsa, and knows how to combine her high quality garments to perfection in both party and everyday looks. Her Instagram profile is aspirational and evocative.


The Brazilian influencer based in Portugal is another regular of this brand, her fresh and elegant style combines perfectly with the designs of Elsa Barreto.

Elsa has designs for many styles, her hallmark are the vibrant colors made with high quality Portuguese fabrics.

If you have an event just around the corner, first of all protect yourself and secondly, triumph as the perfect guest with one of the designs that are inspiring and sweeping INVITADISIMA with Elsa Barreto. Will you join us?