Revie London

It has been a long time since we last talked about the brands that are accompanying us weekly in this wonderful sector such as the guest sector. And is that our team of stylists INVITADISIMA. They are always looking for the best guest brands. To make you shine in your next event and be the guest that everyone will want in their list.

Revie London is a wonderful luxury brand at really competitive prices. The designer of the fashion label has a rich heritage in couture that is reflected in each of her truly special pieces. Want to know more?

Keep read on!

Revie London has dressed royalty and celebrities, including Princess Diana. Its designer has created international collections that are sold all over the world. From Harrods in London to Saks Fifth Avenue in New York and finally we have it in Spain thanks to INVITADISIMA!

The Revie London brand has launched a new premium collection of glamorous and affordable party dresses that combine iconic heritage with contemporary design, which you can now find on our website.

The Revie London collection encapsulates pieces such as classic black dresses for special occasions but also dresses with striking designs, feminine, classic and sensual, but without straying from the haute couture signature that marks the brand’s designs. A safe bet for elegant and sophisticated women who want to wear a designer dress to a special event to feel fantastic!

Revie London designs all its products from its own studio in London and manufactures only in the UK capital.

We know you’ll be wishing you had an excuse to wear one of Revie London‘s dresses! You’ll look beautiful at your next event as a perfect guest and looking forward to seeing pictures with our guest products, we’d love to hear from you!