We know that finding the dress with guest buttons is not easy. And how stressful it is once the date approaches, especially now in autumn. Which is a season of great timelessness and to choose your guest look. We always tell you that you have to take into account several factors. Such as the time at which your event is held and the site. Once clarified, we will opt for bare arms for your event in the south or jacket and stole for the north.

In today’s post we are going to show you a trendy dress that we can assure you will be a hit in every celebration. From weddings to christenings and parties, we recommend you to visit our old posts about AUTUMN WEDDINGS and LOOKS TO BE THE PERFECT AUTUMN GUEST!

We bring you the buttoned dress that continues to be a trend in every event we see, and they look phenomenal! It is the perfect dress for those guests who do not want to go tight. But at the same time want to bring lightness and movement to your look. So we promise you that you will be comfortable to the max. Not all dresses will be straight, you will have the option to find them also fitted at the waist to create a much more sensual silhouette, we advise you that all of them, whether midi or short, to create a much more elongated figure, your perfect shoe is in a nude tone!

At INVITADISIMA we have brands that offer a wide variety of perfect and above all precious products for you to succeed as the most sophisticated and elegant, and what are we going to fool ourselves, we all like to have that lady touch!

Here are our favorites that you can find on our guest website and must haves in your closet so you can be the queen of the party at your next event.

vestido tipo abrigo azul turquesa
vestido con botones amarillo buttons
vestido camisero color violeta buttons
vestido con botones naranja

All our Apricity Collection dresses for INVITADISIMA available HERE.

We hope we have helped you to choose your guest look, we love details like lace, buttons or rhinestones, what about yours? You can write us in the comments box if you have any questions or send us a photo by email if you do not know how to complement your guest look, we will be happy to hear from you!