Gatsbylady London

Finally we have in Spain and exclusively for INVITADISIMA, the British firm of party dresses, Gatsbylady London. A brand that we have been waiting for a long time. And that you will finally find in our guest website, we can not be happier! If you are looking for a dress that stands out from the rest in the event you are going to attend. The brand Gatsbylady London is perfect for you, let us tell you why.

Read on!

For a long time our team of INVITADISIMA stylists have been looking for a brand that they wanted to bring a different air. That would change the style of traditional brands and convey an essence of elegance and sophistication. Touching a bygone era that reminds the firm with unique and exclusive designs that offers us, and finally they got it!

Gatsbylady London, as we have said, touches a specific era, the 20’s. The so-called ”the happy 20’s”, an era that brought us a period of prosperity in the United States. And a fashion that we will always remember, with short skirts, long necklaces that we love, accessories such as marabou stoles, fabrics with lots of fall, silks, muslins, lace and lots of glitter for its magnificent handmade work with sequins, bangs and embroidery, simply a wonder!

Do you remember how the hairstyles were, the classic Garçonne bob, waves and androgynous looks are the ones that stood out the most and made it an era where fashion was reinvented. Other important factors in the garments were the short skirts. That showed the legs of women with stockings with stitching on the back and even details such as polka dots or drawings, a revolution!

Finally, in the accessories took importance brooches, gloves, bags full of sequins and stoles, and you can find them all here at INVITADISIMA! These are the features that Gatsbylady London brings us that we love and that you will have at a simple click to succeed in your next party, wedding or perhaps a theme party inspired by these years.

We leave you some of the dresses that have just arrived to INVITADISIMA, stay tuned this week because we will have the entire collection for you to shine in your next event and be the most stylish guest:

vestido de fiesta verde con lentejuelas gatsbylady

Emerald green cocktail dress with sequins by Gastbylady London for INVITADISIMA available HERE.

vestido de fiesta cóctel negro con dorado gatsbylady

Black cocktail dress with gold embroidery by Gatsbylady London for INVITADISIMA available HERE.

vestido de fiesta largo nude con lentejuelas

Long nude party dress with sequins by Gatsbylady London for INVITADISIMA available HERE.

We couldn’t be more excited about this company, which takes care of every last detail in its production process. The quality of the fabrics and the unique handmade designs are timeless works of art that are passed on to the next generation. If you already know which Gatsbylady London dress you are going to wear at your next party or event, do not hesitate to send us a picture of your guest look, we will be happy to show it to you!