What to wear this holiday season!

In today’s post we will show you the best looks that you can wear this Christmas. And although you think it’s still early, the dresses are already out in stores! In INVITADISIMA we are in love with Christmas, a time full of happiness, fun and love. That we share with our loved ones and friends, beautiful isn’t it? Well, don’t get too relaxed because very soon you will have to choose your look to wear on Christmas Eve, Christmas, and especially New Year’s Eve! Guest, don’t despair, INVITADISIMA’s team of stylists will show you what to wear and how to wear your holiday look. Let’s get started!

For starters, the Christmas season is always full of company dinners, dinners with friends, family, couples … etc and women do not usually like to repeat outfit. So we believe that these two looks that we bring you today will be a must have in your closet. If you have not yet entered our PARTIES tab, what are you waiting for. We have the best long and short party dresses, details like bangs, sequins and lots of glitter. Also some wonderful accessories with which you can combine each of our looks the way you like, we have a beautiful section.

And as expected, we are going to give you a hand with our perfect proposals that you can find in INVITADISIMA, let’s go there!

For this holiday season we propose this first look completely complete. One of our wonderful fur jackets that have just arrived and are being a success among many. It will be ideal to wear over your festive attire or in your day to day. We love red, and this dress will be an essential piece in your closet. Ideal for its simplicity, but at the same time for its cut and its straight lines mixed with bat sleeves. Let’s not forget some matching accessories. We did not want to overload the look so some natural stone earrings to match the dress will be perfect and a mini bag with chain to match the coat. Finally an elegant and sophisticated black shoe. To complete this look of 10 to succeed in your parties, you will be the center of many eyes!.

look de fiestas
AMO Couture’s wide black fur coat-. Tight red midi dress by Sarvin – Red stone earrings by Welowe – Altezza London Black Shoe – Angela Valentine black mini bee chain handbag

This next proposal has to be one of our favorites. We repeat the beige fur jacket model (we have more colors!) that will go perfect with that emerald green tone that we have in the cocktail dress that has just arrived, and it can not be more beautiful. A dress full of details does not need a very flashy earring, we suggest these beautiful ones with green tones and moonstone that will go great. Finally a matching mini green bag that looks great with any look, both party and everyday and princess shoes, velvety with a glitter detail on the toe, c’est magnifique!

vestido de fiestas verde con lentejuelas

AMO Couture beige long fur jacket – Green short party dress with sequins by Gatsbylady London – Altezza green velvety shoes – Long earrings with green and gold stones by Acus – Angela Valentine green bag with mini chain

We hope we have helped you find your perfect look for the holiday, we are sure you will look great! Stay tuned for the next posts on Fridays until Christmas Day, we’ll be posting more looks that will help you succeed!