We are back with our favorite section of “Get the Look by…” and today we bring you the famous daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, none other than Dakota Johnson. The actress who gives life to Anastasia in the most sensual trilogy of cinema, 50 Shades of Grey. We love her style every time she steps on the red carpet. Sensual but at the same time very chic, with a very Parisian touch and that’s why she couldn’t be missing among our most requested celebrities, ready?

Let’s go with the first look, what do you think about this recreation with flowers on the hem, we love it! This embroidered ivory dress is perfect to attend cocktail and evening events, as well as dinners and parties. Handmade from luxurious tulle fabric and embroidered with roses, I can’t imagine a better design for such occasions. With a red strappy sandal, a red artificial flower clutch and matching lips, you’ll be the envy of the party!

vestido cóctel blanco de invitada
Source: Pinterest Dress: Sarvin

I love this next look, a chiffon dress with a floaty skirt and rolled straps are the perfect choice if you are going to a party, an afternoon wedding or a summer dinner. We think it looks spectacular, the pastel colors convey sweetness, elegance and tenderness to me, don’t you? This dress is beautiful, you can combine it with long earrings with rose quartz stones and a golden strappy shoe, you will be radiant!

vestido largo rosa de invitada dakota

Source: Pinterest Dress: Satine Rosé

Finally, we couldn’t love this design more, a wonderful long satin dress in off-white with an open back that is not for the shy, it is an elegant, sexy and sophisticated dress perfect for different brides, galas and parties. The straps are twisted and spaghetti straps, taking a low round neckline with a plunging open back, will make you the center of attention. You can play with contrasting accessories, such as a turquoise clutch bag and matching pumps.

vestido largo blanco para galas de invitada johnson

Source: Popsugar Dress: Sarvin

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