In today’s post we are going to talk about how to succeed in your evening events, whether weddings, parties or galas. INVITADISIMA’s team of stylists have put their hands to work to find the best dresses on our website. To be the envy of the event, the queen of the night and the first on the guest list. Ready to wear a brand new outfit. Let’s get started!

What’s the first thing we think of when we hear evening weddinglong dresses, indeed, and as we are now entering fall and it’s wedding, party and galas season. We needed to bring out those Oscars-worthy dresses to dazzle at your evening events.

Main rule: if you have a wedding, it is forbidden to wear white or any similar shade such as ecru or ivory. Absolutely forbidden, it is only acceptable if the color is in a print with several vibrant colors.

As a TIP and second rule, we look for comfort. If you have an event that lasts a long time, the main thing is that whatever you wear you are comfortable, both for dancing and sitting. We recommend the silk knitted fabric, which has movement, does not wrinkle and allows us to enjoy the evening without worries.

Let’s go with the three types of dresses that will make you the center of attention and remembered for succeeding with a look of 10 that night!

Asymmetrical necklines are always a plus, original, flattering and elegant. The volumes of the sleeve from the shoulder to the wrist will focus all the attention on your face and figure. It sounds good right, it is a very sensual design that feels great.

vestido asimétrico para invitadas de noche

Dress: Crimson Red

As we commented in our last 2019 trends post, prints are back this coming year and we can say that animal print, geometric shapes and flowers that never fail, will be your best ally and are always a hit for weddings and christenings.
vestido estampado para invitada evening

Dress: Sarvin

For those who follow the note to the letter, shine is more than allowed and wearing sequins and glitter are perfect for galas, New Year’s Eve parties and evening weddings, to dazzle try not to overload too much with accessories, opt for plain colors or embroidery.

vestido con brillo para invitadas evening

Dress: Zibi London

Finally we are going to give you a hand in shoes, accessories and makeup, we always recommend that black, nude and metallic colors always work in any look. The makeup being an evening event we can mark much more the look, provide volume in your eyelashes and play with a smokey eye, browns and golds are always a success. Finally, a guest always go comfortable, therefore, purse or small handbag are a must, take with you only what you are going to use.

¿Estáis ya listas para ser las reinas de la fiesta? No dudéis en contactarnos con cualquier duda e inquietud a la hora de elegir vuestro look de invitada, ¡estaremos encantados de que nos escribas!