In today’s post we show you how to dress in two colors. We have left behind the monochromatic and we take the risk to join two beautiful looks of two colors each design, difficult? never! Today we are going to show you that being a bicolor guest you are going to be spectacular in your next wedding, baptism, communion and even graduations, are you ready? Aim!

What do you think of this great look? This cocktail dress with V-neckline and cut above the knee looks amazing! It is one of our absolute favorites. Has been designed taking into account the curves of the female figure, to enhance and make a spectacular figure. Its flattering pucker will make you look slimmer. We were not going to forget an accessory, following the range of gray as the top of the dress, we thought that a gray headband with some waves back will be really amazing. Accompanied by long oval sterling silver earrings with which you will dazzle and use on more than one occasion. Finally, the princess shoe that we all dream of is this wonderful gray glittered shoe, you’ll look gorgeous!

invitada de diseño bicolor vestido
Dress: Sarvin

Headband: Elenitos

Earrings: Debona

Footwear: Silvia Lago

This look is one of my favorites, accompanied by color, freshness and youth we have thought of this color block cocktail dress with a floral belt that will cinch your waist, enhance your figure and create a silhouette of infarction. Then we could not miss some earrings that accompany the color of the top, made with natural stones, we are sure it will be your must have essential. To match the golden touch of the earrings we wanted to play with the same material, a minimal design ring made of sterling silver and 18k gold plated, adorned with a small crescent moon. To complete this wonderful look a strappy shoe to match the color of the skirt.

Dress: Lauren Lynn London

Earrings: Welowe

Ring: Daixa Somed

Footwear: Altezza

If you liked this section, do not hesitate to write us with your suggestions and questions. INVITADISIMA’s team of stylists proposes the best looks for you to succeed as the perfect guest that you are, we are delighted with all of you!