Your New Year’s Eve dress 10

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s eve guest! We are back with a little extra weight for sure, but we are sure you have enjoyed it a lot! If you thought that the Christmas Eve and Christmas dress were going to be enough, do not sit still because in today’s post we show you the best party dresses to close this 2018 like a real goddess. Let’s start!

We recently wrote a post about the makeup and hairstyles trend for New Year’s Eve, and with today’s looks you can combine the beauty that best suits you, so one less thing on the list that we take away from stressing you out.

We also leave you a first part of today’s post of more complete looks for New Year’s Eve, but this does not end here. If you are not informed of the colors, fabrics and details, we make you a small summary so you can choose your New Year’s Eve dress with more confidence.

The base colors to close the year are those that have been around for a long time, such as black, which is always a safe bet, metallics such as silver or gold, dark blue, hope green and passion red, but this time we are adding purple, which looks great!

As for fabrics such as velvet, lace, paillettes, sequins, satin and glitter are the real kings of the night and you can get them here at INVITADISIMA.

Finally, accessories totally to your taste but with head, long or small earrings according to your type of neckline and hairstyle. Bags with plain fabrics in contrast to the fabric of your dress to avoid overloading your look.

TIP: Remember to choose a comfortable shoe in which you can dance and move all night long, it’s an evening we’ll never forget!

vestidos de fiesta fin de año nochevieja

Black sequin dress available HERE. Star shaped earrings available HERE. Black sandals available HERE. Long red party dress with sequins available HERE.  Long earrings available HERE.Red sandal available HERE. Long purple sleeve party dress available HEREPurple pumps available HEREPurple pumps available HERE

Our team of INVITADISIMA stylists will help and advise you in the best way to succeed in your New Year’s Eve dinner and party. Close this year by letting your hair down and being the queen of the runway. Write SOS estilistas if you need any advice.