We are back with our colors, and as autumn approaches, we are sure that you are already going to bet on earth tones! And what are they? Earth colors are all those that allude to earth tones, ranging from yellow shades to dark browns, within them predominate oranges, reds, and warm colors. What less than starting with yellow, a cheerful and vibrant color that looks great!

Let’s go with the first look, if you have a wedding or a baptism in the morning, this is your look, a cocktail dress with French sleeves and puffed skirt. It’s perfect for spring and autumn, isn’t it? We were not going to leave you with a dress alone, we are passionate about combining and styling a look so that you go perfect to the full, therefore some earrings with bangs are a fun option and with personality that work perfectly, besides being an essential closet background.

A complement on the head to your liking does not hurt, and even nothing happens if you do not wear it, we opted for a simple and elegant black headband that will be your ally for many more looks, and even your day to day. Finally an elegant and formal shoe to not overload the look, black is always an option! You’ll look great!

invitadas de amarillo
Dress: Mira la Marela

Earrings: Satine Rosé

Headband: Elenitos

Footwear: Altezza

This next one, is a marvel don’t you think? A yellow cocktail dress with a flower detail that you can see on our cover today, with transparent tulle, a dress that we are sure you will wear on countless occasions. These earrings made with three natural druzy stones in pink, green and yellow tones, will make them a key piece in your formal events as well as in your dinners and summer parties. A bracelet that enhances your looks and gives them a different and sophisticated touch, we are sure you will wear it on more than one occasion! Finally, a contrasting shoe to match your accessories is perfect to give a touch of personality to your guest look, we love it!

look amarillo para invitadas

Dress: nuribel

Earrings: Acus complementos

Bracelet: Mira la Marela

Footwear: Altezza

Remember, if you need advice from INVITADISIMA’s team of stylists, the service is totally free. We want all women to feel like princesses for a day and be the guest that everyone will put at the top of their list!