MIMAI The Color Art Co

As every week, new brands keep joining our list of premium brands for guests. At INVITADISIMA we love that each of you feel unique and special in every event you attend. Therefore, we bring you a brand of handbags that with care, personality and exclusive design, will make you shine in every step you take: MIMAI.

We love that each of our brands has a background, a story. A story behind, so that each design you wear makes you feel the most special guest with personality in your weddings, baptisms, communions and graduations!

What is it? Who is it? Mimai, by the hand of Susana Dolores undertook this Spanish firm of art and design. That as an objective and philosophy brings the world of plastic / artistic universe to our day to day, to our everyday world. To break through those walls and walls that prevent them from leaving and breathe next to each garment, each event, every moment of our lives. Brands that bet and fight for their identity could not be missing in our premium list of brands. You all deserve to feel like a princess for a day in every celebration you have!

bolso verde de invitada mimai
With the success of the first collection created by the designer and artist Susana Dolores in 2017, she continues to create perfect pieces for perfect guests, full of energy, personality, color, brightness and passion for the art that surrounds us and that very soon we will have on our guest website!

You already know that every week we love that you write us by mail, Instagram and Facebook, and we couldn’t be happier. INVITADISIMA’s team of stylists will be there for you, advising you in the process of selecting clothes and accessories for your guests, so you can succeed and be one of the first on the guest list. Do not hesitate to write us, and if you want to leave us a comment in our little box below, do not hesitate to do so, we will be happy to help you!