Portada bolso de invitada

Discover the perfect guest bag according to its color and the one that best represents you at INVITADISIMA.

We open the week with a curious post as we get into a topic of color psychology to find out what color we perceive at first sight, what it represents us and what it makes us feel when we choose it. This is a different post, but don’t forget to choose your color according to its meaning. Let’s start!

It is true that the icing on the cake to complete our perfect guest look is either a pamela if you have a morning event or what many of us find difficult to choose, the bag. That perfect accessory but at the same time the one that makes us crazy because we want to go to our next event with a perfect outfit, right?

Well, today we will answer your questions so that you can choose your accessory with complete freedom and decision with some curious facts about the colors of the handbags that you will find in INVITADISIMA just a click away.

bolso de fiesta negro
Black mother-of-pearl handbag available

This first product is the basic that every guest should have in her closet. A black bag is the complement that will help you to combine with any color that is not of the same shade, in particular, colors like navy blue or brown. The black color is elegant, sober and a very sophisticated option for guests at any event.

bolso de fiesta rojo

Red pearlized handbag available

Passion, strength and rebellion is what we see in this striking color that fits everyone like a glove. One of the most seen colors on red carpets along with midnight blue in the most recognized celebrities in the world. Feel like Vivian Ward with her passion red dress and with this pearly party bag that you can wear for a lifetime.

bolso de fiesta gris

Gray pearlized handbag available

What do we think of when we see something gray? Like white, it transmits peace, tenacity and sometimes tranquility. That’s why this perfect color with pearly texture is a sure hit to combine with colors like red, pink, eggplant…

Pearly pink handbag available

How we love this cheerful color! It reminds us so much of the beginning of spring, doesn’t it? Usually associated with the feminine world, more and more men are betting on this sweet, loving and delicate color in their clothes. Now you have it to combine with a long printed dress for your summer parties or if you have a wedding in the morning, with the feather of your matching pamela.

bolso de fiesta morado

Purple party bag available

How cute is this handbag? We want all the colors! Although it may seem difficult to combine the color purple, it is a color that exudes elegance and sophistication for guests wearing colors such as gray, orange, red and of course, fuchsia. You still have not encouraged you with this vibrant tone? What are you waiting for!

de fiesta verde

Green party bag available

It is not a color that stands out a lot in events, but you should know that the color green, as the song ”verde que te quiero verde” says, transmits youth, hope and new life. With these three adjectives we should bet more on a complement of this color and be a unique and special guest, don’t you think?

de fiesta azul

Blue party bag available

One of the royal colors par excellence is blue. How many monarchs and celebrities have we seen wearing this color for such important events? We lose count! It is freshness, intelligence, purity and confidence what comes to mind when we see this color so easy to combine with our guest clothes in both warm and cold colors.

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