Portada look princesa

The dress of your dreams arrives to make you fall in love with it from thread to thread.

Guests, today we bring you a very special post with one of our guests of the moment, Macarena Silt (@macarenasilt). If you still haven’t checked out our Influencers section to see what your favorite influencer loves, what are you waiting for, run and get your complete guest look!

Have you ever dreamed of the dress of your dreams? Imagined yourself as a fairytale princess? Have you not found that dress you want so much for that special event? How nice it is to dream, isn’t it? Well, today your dream is just a click away!

This spectacular long party dress screams fantasy. Made with natural silk tulle in pastel pink and long sleeves with tattoo effect that incorporate embroidery in different pastel shades. A true work of art to be the guest that everyone will want to have at their events.

We can’t get enough of this dress, it is pure dream of any guest who wants to wear it on her most special occasion. Dazzle with accessories that are not so overloaded because the dress speaks for itself.

Do you want to be the guest that leaves everyone’s mouth open? The fantasy dress that will be your perfect choice for that special wedding, if you are the sister of the bride, you have a gala or just want to dazzle at a special party.

Direct link to the dress of your dreams.

vestido largo princesa bordado

vestido de fiesta rosa bordado guest
vestido largo de fiesta rosa con tul bordado guest

Remember that you can pay in installments with Sequra’s option of 3, 6 and up to 12 months to have the dress you’ve always wanted in your hands in a few simple steps.