What type of sleeve suits you best?

portada manga

Discover the pattern that best suits you and you will be the perfect guest.

Guest, we close the week with a mini post with a small selection of sleeves for dresses, jackets or any top for you to succeed in all your events. Let’s start!

We recommend the following six sleeves that look great and are still on trend. Types of sleeves for both guests and brides, we are sure you will dazzle!

1/6 – Poet sleeve:

One of our favorites that conveys fantasy and romanticism of medieval times. This type of sleeve is achieved with the help of fluid and delicate fabrics such as tulle or chiffon. With a ”bloomers” effect, they fall from the shoulder to the wrist and continue with a smooth and tight cuff. Ideal for guests with slender arms, can you imagine a wedding dress like this? We fell in love!

mangas poeta

Mustard satin long dress with panties sleeves

2/6 – Sleeve with dropped shoulders:

The dropped shoulder sleeve or the so-called boat neckline is often seen in mermaid cut dresses, A-cut and even some evasé. It is made to expose the shoulder and cover the arm with the desired length. It is a perfect pattern for those guests who have a narrow back as it will give the feeling of ideal balance.

manga con hombros caídos

Long party dress with boat neckline and printed skirt

3/6 Long sleeve:

This sleeve can not like us more for events in autumn and winter, depending on the area where it is held. This sleeve can be found in any fabric you want, not only to protect us from the cold but also to hide the forearm in those who want to avoid it.

Manga larga

Gold party dress with long sleeves and V neckline

4/6 French sleeve:

The so-called 3/4 is one of the most flattering. No matter the pattern of the dress, from a straight cut or a flared cut, you will shine. Used in all seasons, you will dazzle whether you are the guest at a wedding as if you are the bride.

Mangas francesas

Nude cocktail dress with rhinestones and 3/4 sleeves

5/6 Lantern sleeves:

With history, imposed by European royal ladies, we see this sleeve a lot in cocktail dresses. This season we have seen this pattern in long sleeves that look spectacular on long shirts or dresses. Perfect for those of you with thick arms.

Manga farol

Straight mini dress with organza sleeves

6/6 Angel sleeves:

Finally, the angel or butterfly sleeve. If in 2019 you did not notice, this year this spectacular pattern cannot go unnoticed. A structured sleeve that is very flattering for those of you with slender arms. Ideal in cocktail dresses and party blouses.

Mangas ángel

Cocktail midi dress with round neckline and pleated sleeves

If you are planning your wedding or you are invited to a special event, do not hesitate to visit INVITADISIMA, you will find fashion and accessories to become the perfect guest.

Cover:  Skarlett