5 short party dresses according to their cut.

portada corte

Your perfect guest look can be found at INVITADISIMA, we are sure you will dazzle!

Guests, those of you who have an event this 2020 and still don’t know what to wear for that special occasion, stay right here. We will deal with five types of dresses according to their cut and neckline so you can choose your perfect guest look thanks to this mini guide. Shall we start?

When an event approaches, many of us despair because we are not very aware of the trends or most importantly, we do not know what suits us better or worse according to our body type. Well, today we break down five types of short party dresses with which you will know your body a little better when choosing your clothes.

Rectangular body:

If you have this type of body, its main features are the shoulders, waist and hips that make a straight line. For this type of silhouette we bet on tight dresses at the top and with volume at the waist. Never choose a straight or tube dress because it will break the harmony of your figure.

Vestido corto de lunares con detalle de encaje

Short polka dot dress with lace detail

Triangular body:

Generally, for this body type, the main characteristics are shoulders that are usually narrower than the hips. We find it in women who have little bust, defined waist and wide legs. You will succeed with dresses that are with a plunging V-neckline, we do not recommend details such as tulle or pleated skirt.

cuerpo triangular

Black and white cocktail dress with plumeti sleeves

Round body:

For this next one, it is usually known for not having a waist and having volume in the central area. With slender legs and round shoulders. Never go for an empire cut because you will give much more volume to your body. Choose tight dresses with details in the lower area.

cuerpo redondo

Shirt midi dress with elbow sleeves and waist bow

Inverted triangle body:

The next body type is characterized by shoulders wider than the hips and slender legs. You will succeed if you wear dresses with A-line or boat necklines, on the contrary, do not choose those that are more tight or with shoulder pads.

corte triangulo invertido

Cocktail dress with pleated skirt and lace bodice

Hourglass body:

Finally, the latter is characterized by harmony and balance in the hips and defined waist. A body that many desire for its curves and femininity. You will succeed with any dress that fits your waist. Get rid of straight cut dresses or volumes at the bottom.

La imagen tiene un atributo ALT vacío; su nombre de archivo es vestido-coctel-rosa-estampado-con-manga-larga-cayro.jpg

Pink printed cocktail dress with long sleeves

All dresses are just a click away from being in your closet. Perfect for events such as morning weddings and parties that will make you the perfect guest and the first on the guest list.