The accessory with history that you will use in your next event.

Portada complemento con historia

Fight the heat with this accessory that will go viral this 2020.

Dear guest, today we go back in time. Although our older generations use this star accessory on hot days, we tell you its history. So that this 2020 you can be the perfect guest thanks to the fabulous guest fan, read on!

Do you remember when our grandmothers used to carry a fan in their handbags? Well, this object or accessory has more history than you can imagine.

This precious accessory dates back to the 15th century. From Korea, although not long ago it was discovered that the first folding fans were introduced in Europe. France in particular, by Catherine de Medici. It was at the time of the great splendor. Where the complement was given more prominence, in the reign of Louis XV, where they were an indispensable part of the lady’s wardrobe.

The materials at that time were a real luxury, since they had a wide collection of precious stones, taffeta, gold and precious metals, which today we can find in very small fashion houses.

Today, it is considered a complement of little use, but did you know that it was a vehicle of invisible and encrypted language? Known as campiology, which studies the language of the fan according to the orientation of the fan and the way it is held, curious, isn’t it?

This accessory is a great idea to give to guests at a morning or afternoon wedding in summer. In Spain, fans are well known in Andalusia and Valencia, and in the central part of America as well.

There are two types of fans, fixed and folding, composed of rods of wood or other material, joined at the base and with the movement of a single deployment. Also, paper and fabric keep their rods, and you can find both printed and plain fabrics.

If you have an event this summer, do not hesitate to use this accessory to match your guest look, you will be a guest of 10!