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What accessories should I wear according to the protocol?

Guests, we bring you a very interesting post for those of you who have a wedding around the corner and don’t know the guest accessories protocol. Shall we start?

INVITADISIMA’s team of stylists will help you find the perfect accessory for you to be the perfect guest on the day of your event.

Well, as many or few of you know there is a ‘mini list’ of things you should know before wearing one of the most beautiful accessories of a guest outfit, the pamela and the headdress. We will help you to dazzle the day of your event and so for future occasions you will know it inside out.

The pamelas

If you are already fantasizing about wearing that dreamy pamela or headdress, first of all you should know how and when you can wear it without worrying if the moment is right or not.

Generally, we know that pamelas are worn at weddings in the morning, they are designed to protect us from the sun so the time of day is very important. A curious fact is that the brim of the pamela should fall on your right side but you can wear it as you see fit.

The million dollar question: How long can I wear it? It makes no sense to wear it if there is no more light, so take advantage of those rays of sun to show off your favorite accessory. Another fact, usually the guests take off the pamela for lunch time to be more comfortable and enjoy the moment.

This 2019, XXL pamelas with details such as flowers in pastel shades will be a hit. You can choose between the classic cut as the Fedora, round cup and flat cup which is the one we all normally use.

The headdress

Like many royals, the headdress is a quintessential accessory that we see in each and every royal wedding and we can not be more fans, although some have taken the arrrg.

Headdresses have to be comfortable, that’s the main thing. You have two options, either if your event is in the morning, you can choose to wear headdresses of a normal or large size, on the contrary, if your wedding is in the afternoon, you can wear flashy materials such as feathers or rhinestones.

For weddings at the end of the year, the fall and winter season, wear fabrics such as velvet or felt. For your spring and summer weddings, lighter fabrics such as raffia or linen. Another thing to keep in mind is the color of your hair. You should keep in mind that those with darker hair favor lighter colors and for blondes, darker fabrics.

We leave you with our favorite options for you to impress at your next wedding or christening.

pamela ala ancha flores invitada

Wide brim and powdered flowers pamela available

pamela azul marino flores invitada

Navy blue pamela with flowers available

pamela ala ancha roja invitada

Pamela wide brim red available

pamela plumas flores invitada

Pamela with feathers, flowers and butterflies available

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