Portada Hanami

BcnHanami, the accessories brand we all dream of.

Yes, you read that right, soon Bcn Hanami will be joining INVITADISIMA on the best guest websites. What can you expect from this unique brand? Read on!

Our mini post today welcomes one of the brands that we have fallen in love with from the first minute, for its unique and fun design that you can wear in your most special events, from weddings to your graduation party.

How did this brand of accessories come about? Bcn Hanami is a company of accessories and jewelry bags, born from a new idea of creating small personalized jewelry. In love with weddings, fashion and trends, we decided to unify them in Bcn Hanami, where you can find personalized clutch models, jewelry clutches, with style!

What does “Hanami” mean? It is a Japanese tradition that consists of observing the beauty of flowers, specifically when the cherry blossoms bloom. And this name could not be more in line with the brand image. Soon you will be able to observe, indeed, not only observe, but also hold in your hands one of these special pieces for guests.

Once we have made the selection with our team of INVITADISIMA stylists, you will be able to enjoy the best section of bags with fun shapes, from shells decorated to the smallest detail, to dreamy earrings.

You can’t miss it and you will be the perfect guest for any wedding, baptism, gala or party!

Cover: Klook