Portada MUT

If you still don’t know the Mut Madrid brand, our team of stylists gives you a new insight and a new look at what you will soon be able to find at INVITADISIMA.

Handcrafted jewelry to stand out as the guest everyone will want to have at your next event.

Who are Mut? María and Julia met at the Lalabeyou contemporary jewelry school in Madrid. Coming from totally different worlds, one from health and the other from banking, they had in mind to study jewelry to express themselves, to escape and to get excited. Thanks to their teachers, they discovered jewelry techniques, their passion for metals, stones, design, art, life… and forged their union.

What is their inspiration? The natural as the main source, they take as reference the leaves of the coffee plant, seaweed, corals, minerals or geometric shapes. With silver and silver materials with five green gold baths. Precious stones such as amazonites, fluorites, garnets, kunzites, labradorites, kyanites and much more.


Since they started in 2017, they have been carrying 5 collections and each one of them gives us reasons to want it all. The first collection, Abisal, is about mysterious and unknown abstract creatures that dwell in the deep. The second, Arrecife, is an eclectic collection that never stops growing with the inexhaustible source of the sea. They are light and minimalist pieces that will complete your guest or casual look for everyday wear.

pendientes de flor mut

The third collection, Estimulante, comes from the observation of coffee leaves. It transmits joy, liveliness and stimulation like coffee itself. Flores, her fourth permanent collection, is a collection inspired by the most diverse flowers. From a Mediterranean berry to a water lily as a bracelet, elegant and original. Finally, Geometría is measure and earth, they study the properties of the figures in the plane and in space, creating pieces that give a rich and current closet.

Are you as eager as we are to see the collection? We can’t wait!