Do you have an event around the corner and don’t know what to wear? Get inspired by actress Olivia Wilde for your guest closet with a red carpet look. Let’s get started!

Fall in love with the looks of the perfect guest Olivia Wilde on every carpet she steps on.

If anything makes our clients have a clearer and simpler idea to choose their looks is the inspiration of celebrities. It has been proven that a high percentage of women look at celebrities for their physical characteristics such as hair, face shape or eye color to know which fabric and color looks best, and it’s wonderful!

You can count on INVITADISIMA’s team of stylists (your fairy godmother) who are totally attentive to you so that you can shine at your next event as the guest that everyone would like to have on your special day.

As we have already mentioned, today’s protagonist is none other than the actress Olivia Wilde. An actress who falls in love and causes a sensation every time we see her on the red carpet.

Those of you who follow her more closely will know that she is a very chameleon-like actress with her hairstyles. We have seen her with long hair, bangs and even a bob with waves that suits her like crazy.

What does Olivia look for in her looks? Something simple, sophisticated and elegant, something almost fantasy-like without going over the edge of madness. An actress who wastes glamour and sensuality in every look she chooses. Shiny fabrics, velvet, pleats and dazzling satins.

All these details are clearly for a specific occasion or another. We can assure you that this will help you a lot to choose your guest look for events that are held in the afternoon / evening, whether weddings or galas.

Here are the looks you can get at INVITADISIMA to feel like a red carpet guest at your next event.

vestido largo gris palabra de honor

Long strapless party dress (Pinterest).

vestido abrigo aguamarina olivia wilde

Turquoise coat dress (WTGI)

vestido lbd olivia wilde

Black sequin party dress (StyleBistro)

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