Introduction to your first headdress to shine like the perfect guest

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Succeed in your next special occasion with this very special accessory.

Do you have a wedding tomorrow and want to give a twist to your usual guest style? In INVITADISIMA we introduce you to the first steps to be the perfect guest at your next event thanks to an accessory that is never missing in the royals: the headdress.

The star accessory that all weddings…

If there is one thing we know, it is that this accessory is not for everyone, but we believe that it is an accessory that can make a difference when thinking about your guest look. Headdresses are par excellence the accessory that can have the widest range of designs, from wide-brimmed pamelas to straw canotiers, through an extensive choice of guest headbands with incredible details.

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Different shapes, different fabrics, a million possibilities?

One of the great advantages is the variety that we can find in this small niche. As we said before, the variety in this sector can not be more extensive thanks to the different fabrics. That you can find for each season of the year and especially in terms of shades, it is an incredible world to know and know yourself when it comes to complete your look, from monochromatic shades to contrasts that fall in love.

One of our favorite combinations for the spring-summer season is fuchsia with red or coral with mint green. On the other hand for more wintry seasons we can go for rich fabrics such as velvet or felt in dark tones such as navy blue, black and even bottle green.

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For a time and a place…

If you are a first timer in headdresses, first of all you should know that the use of this accessory has a special use at all times. As we have told in our post of types of headdress for a morning wedding, everything has its protocol in the world of events. The headdresses will vary depending on the moment in which the big day is celebrated.

If you have a morning wedding, you can opt for a different size than if you have an afternoon wedding. That is, use types of headdresses such as wide brimmed pamelas, even canotiers with floral details. For weddings that take place in the afternoon, use accessories such as tiaras. One of the most demanded and that you will find more variety, from details with dried flowers to rhinestones ornaments.

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From INVITADISIMA we encourage you to bet on this special guest accessory. We are sure that you can leave the simple look and give a twist to your closet for events. Remember that you can go to our team of stylists for free. At INVITADISIMA, you will fulfill your dream of shining on your most special day.