When the occasion deserves it, we spend a lot of time choosing our perfect look for our next special celebration. Whether it is a wedding, baptism, communion and why not a graduation or summer party. But let’s be honest girls, makeup and hairstyle is an important plus, either it deserves a trip to the hairdresser or we always go to the mythical tutorial that we find on the networks… that has turned us into a handyman. What do we mean by this? The INVITADISIMA team of stylists brings you the classic express hairstyle. You read that right, express, that we always see on celebrities and that we can do at home, it is also one of the most flattering hairstyles of all…. the ponytail!.

When we start to accumulate celebrations and each one is closer to the other. The first thing we think about is not to repeat absolutely nothing of what we wore in the previous event. Therefore, here we offer you 5 types of ponytail that will be your must wear in your next celebration, we are sure you will love them.

Ready? Here we go!
High ponytail:

This is the typical hairstyle that our mothers used to give us to go to school. With a bow, and well combed without leaving a hair out, and since then we have not worn it again except to go to the gym, but what about a wedding? of course! This look is perfect for highlighting your features, it makes your cheekbones stand out and makes you the center of attention. It is much more sensual and casual than a classic one.

TOP TIP: To achieve this celebrity hairstyle, ideally divide the hair into two halves, combing the lower part first and adding the rest to achieve that sleek pulled back effect. Comb out any protruding hairs with a toothbrush and hairspray. This way it will be perfect.

Coleta alta para invitadas a bodas y eventos

Braided ponytail:

With the temperatures now, it’s the most practical for the event you have around the corner. And who said you can’t combine a ponytail with a braid? We suggest this look that adds a touch of personality and we love a woman who brings energy and personality to her outfit! Braid the rest of your hair and finish with a clear or colored scrunchie.

TIP: Dare to use hair gel or hairspray so that those treacherous hairs are not left out of the updo and if not use hairspray to make it last as long as possible, be careful with the bumps!

Coleta con trenzas para invitadas

Low ponytail:

The sleek and low effect has been seen on all the red carpets, and we have to say that it looks great. It’s a sophisticated and elegant hairstyle. This ponytail starts at the nape of the neck and has to be styled to perfection. If you want to achieve that touch of Hollywood elegance.

TIP: With a middle parting and accompanied by some eye-catching accessories you will be the center of attention, some long earrings in a striking color such as yellow, fuchsia, electric blue or even go for the brightness Oh la la!

Coleta baja para bodas y eventos

Wavy ponytail:

If you want to get a more casual look, but at the same time beautiful and effortless. This option is perfect, it gives a youthful and fresh touch to your outfit. We love to wrap our hair around the scrunchie to give it a more sophisticated touch, and it is a hairstyle worthy of the Oscars, isn’t it?

TIP: This hairstyle is ideal if we follow the naturalness of the hair, light and undone on the forehead, a couple of ringlets, two touches of hairspray and ready to succeed!

Recogido con coleta para invitadas

Ponytail with bangs:

We finish our section with one of the hairstyles that goes hand in hand with the first one we mentioned, and if you are one of those who wears bangs, but can’t wait to try this look, don’t despair because you can too! It’s easier than it looks, because your bangs will act naturally in relation to your ponytail.

TIP: Leave a few loose strands on the sides to marry your bangs, half-height will be perfect and with movement in the strands you will look amazing!


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