light blue long party dress with v-neckline

Attention! we have news! And we are going to solve all your problems when choosing your perfect guest look. The team of INVITADISIMA stylists have prepared a very special post. Where we tell you what looks best depending on the cut of the dress, how to combine accessories or headdress, what is the right footwear … depending on the type of event you are going to attend and best of all? by colors too! All from the selection of both national and international brands that we have on our website to make heads turn at your next wedding, baptism or communion, sounds good eh? Let’s get started!

This week we start with blue, it’s a color that suits us all! It is timeless, which is why people wear blue at any time of the year and to attend all kinds of events, it is also the color of working women! And at INVITADISIMA we love this type of women, without forgetting its sophistication and elegance.

We have prepared these total looks for you to be the center of attention and the guest that everyone will love at your next celebration.

This look is perfect to wear at your next afternoon wedding, baptism or communion. Long dress of bright tulle and skirt evasé. This beautiful dress is made of a bright tulle with midi sleeves in the same tone. She has a V-neckline and an evasé skirt that brings movement to the dress. A long party dress creates amazing movement when you walk and feel phenomenal! It has a classic and timeless touch, that’s why it is a color that we wear all year round, what a wonder! To this look we have added these accessories that will undoubtedly be perfect; these party shoes with pink suede fabric and these beautiful geometric long earrings in blue and silver tones. We love this total look! What do you think?

A look with cocktail dress could not miss in today’s post. A beautiful cocktail dress with which you will dazzle on the day of your event. It has an asymmetrical neckline that begins with a black bow that reaches the waist. A work of art. You can wear this design for guests in your most special events such as morning weddings and parties. We have chosen these add-ons that in INVITADISIMA we are sure will be incredible. These lounge shoes with transparent vinyl with a decoration of stones in the grip that has in the shape of a T and long party earrings gold with colored stone. You won’t be able to look more wonderful!

If you liked this total looks section, don’t despair, we will have more posts like this one very soon! If you want to write us to bring out your favorite color and you need our help, the INVITADISIMA stylist team will come to the rescue! Let us know in the comments box below, we’ll be happy to hear from you!