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Find out which side your hair parting will best suit you for your next event as the perfect guest.

Although it may not seem like it. Many of us guests don’t know which side of our face is the best or worst for us depending on the way we style our hair. Stay tuned to today’s post to know the best details of hairstyles to succeed in your next event.

Luckily, our team of INVITADISIMA stylists comes to our rescue every week with the best tricks and details of the world. So that we can be totally up to date with everything to dazzle on our most special occasions.

Let’s start with the first hairstyle for round faces. The theory says that it is better to wear the parting in the middle. So that it would depend on the volume you want to enhance on the sides.

raya para caras redondas

Jennifer Lawrence (TheHairstyleDaily)

For those with an elongated face, like your previous hairstyle you can wear the parting slightly to one side to add volume to the face with an optical shape. If you have short hair, avoid it.

cara alargada raya pelo invitada

Sarah Jessica Parker (Pinterest)

Let’s go with square-shaped faces. If you are hesitating to put it in the middle, mistake, for your type of face it is best to opt for a side parting to disguise your more accentuated features.

cara cuadrada peinado invitada line

Olivia Wilde (Vogue)

For those of you with an oval or heart-shaped face, the best option to dazzle at your next event is to choose a parting where you feel like it, since you are lucky enough to be able to play with any type of hairstyle.

line cara ovalada invitada

Rose Byrne (Ellahoy)

Already know which parting suits you best for your next special occasion? Don’t hesitate to contact our team of INVITADISIMA stylists to advise you from start to finish so you can be the perfect guest.

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