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Find your perfect guest look for your next company dinner!

Guest, we enter the month of December, a month full of events. Either a wedding or a party, but the important thing today is that we show you the most flattering looks for your company Christmas dinner, still not sure? Here are some examples that will suit you like a glove!

Entering the holidays and the Christmas spirit, we start with all the preparations we need for this top month of the year. Some of you will have the famous company dinners where the perfect guest look is the one we will prepare in advance, since we have to show a very well cared image and an outstanding attitude.

Well, if you did not already know, for company dinners we must take into account a number of requirements to not lose the glamor and elegance on the day of the most anticipated event of the year with your colleagues. The objective of the company dinners is to promote the relationship with the workers and to have a good relationship with the team under the eyes of your superiors.

Don’t despair! There is no set dress code for the evening. You have to be a little more dressed up than usual but without going over the line. Opt for simple and easy to combine garments that are not too basic but not too flashy either, let’s stay in the middle ground and …

TIP: Avoid plunging necklines, very short dresses and transparencies. We want them to get a very good impression of you, always elegant and always sophisticated.

Since it’s Christmas time, opt for colors like white, black, red, maroon or emerald green and why not, a navy blue!

Here is our selection of guest outfits that you can wear to your next company dinner. Which one is your favorite? You will have to enter INVITADISIMA and go in search of your treasure!

vestido de fiesta negro con lentejuelas
chaqueta americana negra lentejuelas
blusa blanca de fiesta
top de fiesta plateado invitada
falda larga lentejuelas invitada

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