What should I wear for a coming out?

Portada que ponerte en una puesta de largo

Whether you’re the one celebrating this event or you’re the guest of a coming out or at a event, we’ve got it all at INVITADISIMA!

Today’s post is dedicated to the youngest ones, both for the hostesses and for those who are invited to a coming out. As the protocol of the guests, we tell you what is this important event that is still being celebrated today.

What is a coming out? The first thing is to know what it is, why it is done and what it is for. Well, it is an event where the passage from adolescence to adulthood is celebrated. This kind of celebrations are not usual nowadays. But there are still families who like to keep the tradition and make the elitist act the presentation in society of the young people.

Its origin is interesting, since ancient families presented their children in society in order to have relations between the wealthier classes to have in the future both for labor relations, commercial and even some love relationship.

What should I wear for a coming out? The most asked question and especially complicated for young women but with a very simple protocol. The young people really set the dress code of the event, but normally the young women opt for a long dress and the young men for a tuxedo or tailcoat.

In addition to celebrating the coming of age, many of us enjoyed the way to the most awaited day looking for inspiration in both influencers and young celebrities who have celebrated this event. Young jet setters like Victoria Federica or the daughters of Julio Iglesias, Victoria and Cristina, have been among the most talked about evenings in society, especially for the perfect guest looks that had the privilege of attending the evening.

Here we leave you the guest dresses to celebrate the most important night of your coming of age:

vestido largo puesta rojo

Red long dress with open back available

vetsido largo puesta coral

Long dress with straps coral available

vestido largo puesta azul

Long blue dress with straps available

vestido largo lila

Lilac asymmetric long dress available

vestido largo verde esmeralda

Asymmetrical emerald green long dress available

Be ready for when we get out of this one because you will be the queen of the party thanks to the wonderful brands that INVITADISIMA offers you.

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