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We bring you the two models of shoes for guests that will make you the queen of the party on the day of your event.

We enter a Monday full of energy and eager to find that Cinderella shoe we need to sweep and especially to hold all day or night of your event. Are you ready?

We know that being the perfect guest is a job that requires time and above all a small economic effort. It is true that when we get the invitation from your partner’s co-worker, not being so close we tend to go for the low budget, but when your sister gets married you go all out. Why do we say this? Because despite the closeness with the bride and groom, there is a very important element in your guest look that does require a good investment, and they are the shoes.

The shoe is a fundamental role since there are many hours of event and you need to be as comfortable as possible. Many of us ask ourselves: ‘what shoes should I wear’, ‘sandals or closed toe’ or ‘what fabric should I wear’…. We are going to help you solve your existential doubt about which shoes will be the best for your special occasion.

What shoe should I choose for my next wedding? There are infinite models of shoes as we have said above, but focus on making them as comfortable as possible.

A shoe that we all fall in love with is the mythical stiletto. An ideal option to take into account because apart from being an elegant and classic shoe, they stylize the figure. They are the perfect option for every season, both spring and autumn and you will never fail in your choice. And if they have a little bit of platform, you can be the queen of the runway!

You can find them in any type of material, from velvets to patent leather. Perfect for those cocktail dresses for your morning weddings.

zapato stiletto negro invitada

We save the sandals for those events that are already in the evening like weddings or parties. Ideal to wear with long dresses. We do not rule out that an event in summer can also be used by the heat that can get to do. There is an intermediate point that are the peeptoes that let you see the toes, a combination married with the stiletto. Choose a sandal with a low heel or a sandal with a wide heel, you will be radiant!

sandalia dorada invitada

Cover: Marie Claire