Wooden high-heeled sandals with rhinestones and coloured crystals. LIMITED EDITION

In today’s post we are going to show you a guide to the appropriate footwear for your next wedding, baptism, communion (BBC) or graduation. When we think about a formal event, we always have doubts about whether to wear sandals or closed shoes. And what will be better with a dress cut or another, if in summer or winter you can wear both, what color is the right one… always arise a thousand doubts when we have chosen our guest outfit, but not the shoes. So the INVITADISIMA team of stylists comes to the rescue! Are you ready?

If we are in spring-summer, in the world of the guests that is usually from February to October if a ray of sunshine comes out, our formal commitments are tripled and it is when weddings, baptisms and communions arrive, especially communions that are concentrated in a month and that take over our agenda. Whenever a client asks us what is most appropriate, we remind them that the weather is deceiving! And even though the sun is out, it’s still chilly. And even if we’re looking forward to wearing short dresses, we often have to keep on wearing tights.

Actually the protocol dictates that women must wear them to formal events. But today is becoming more flexible with this issue and it is correct to attend a wedding, baptism or communion without them. This is why heeled sandals are a must have in your wardrobe, and this season the most fashionable are the bracelet type, and why not risk. We love eye-catching heels, and in this section we bring you the ideal sandals to attract attention, you will get a lot out of them! In addition to being elegant, timeless and different, they stylize your silhouette and combine with both dresses and pants or skirts.

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It is true that medium heel sandals, do not stylize as much as high heels. And we do not see our legs as long and slender, but to taste the colors. But there are events where you have to keep in mind that your comfort comes first. If it is the baptism of your child and you will be many hours standing, or a communion with children that you will get up many times or even a wedding. Which besides lasting many hours, there is always an infinite cocktail where women end up sitting in any corner they see because they die of foot pain. This is why we always recommend a medium heel.

A medium heel is easy to wear and it will help you to be perfect to give it all and be the queen of the runway! It is also perfect for women who are not used to a high heel. In addition to providing stability, the wider the heel the more comfortable it will be. Because the weight is distributed over more surface of the heel and is not concentrated in a single point as with stilettos. If you have decided on a medium heel after reading this, we advise you to go for a bright color, so your heels will be the focus of attention and you will bet on personality and originality in your guest look.

TIP: A well manicured pedicure will look great with your outfit and sophistication. We love French pedicures, they never go out of style, and the ones that match the colors of your guest outfit.

Next, we are going to talk about the classic pumps. They never fail and they are the ones of a lifetime, both for your day to day with jeans or to go to the office or out to dinner. But also for a wedding! They are the most elegant and simple shoes. There are in all colors, yes, ALL, if your look is very basic, break it with a bright color like red or yellow. If you wear prints a plain one works great and if it is flashy, go for neutral tones like nude or black. Every woman should have a pair of pumps in these colors to wear them on any occasion!

And finally, metallic heels, the right time to wear these metallic tones is in an evening event or party. Try to avoid wearing them in morning events. Gold or silver are perfect when your outfit is either a plain color and you want to break with your shoe or you have a small detail of your outfit that you want to combine with the shoe, sobriety is always important. With your accessories try to follow the same tone, if on the contrary you mix silver with gold, it will give a negative effect to your outfit, and we don’t want something like that to happen!

If you liked this post and you want to make a statement at your next wedding, baptism or communion, at INVITADISIMA we are happy to read your opinions and doubts, write us! We are looking forward to hearing from you!