The jewelry that will mark a before and after in your jewelry box.

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Guests, excited about the arrival of another brand on the web. We present the jewelry brand that will mark a before and after in your jewelry box for events. Do you have a wedding this 2020? Be very attentive to our NEWS, soon you will discover your favorite jewelry brand, keep reading!

Mar Aldeguer, founder and designer of the jewellery firm Coolook. Opens the doors to a world where freshness and innovation are breathed in her jewelry.

Since her childhood already fascinated by fashion, painting and geology, she was passionate about colors and shapes, but above all she was interested in the origin. Walking along the seashore and collecting what for her is beauty and profit, she discovered what was really behind those semiprecious stones, making of them an interesting collection that today has given the meaning to one of her great passions, jewelry and costume jewelry.

The jewelry firm Coolook,

It was born with illusion and enthusiasm, something essential and necessary, in the midst of a global crisis, when the world of jewelry and costume jewelry began a de-escalation due to economic issues and delayed trends.

On a trip to Asia, the designer found semiprecious stones and a craftsman who would shape them to create unique and special pieces for every moment. Taking advantage of the beginning of the dream, she would find in Spain and Italy the best silver workshops of the best quality and the help of technology to start this adventure.

Today and very gradually, the collection has grown, in harmony and updated to the maximum based on the trends of the fashion world, we find ourselves with a purely handmade and limited production firm that sells both in its points of sale and online platform, and very soon you will find them in INVITADISIMA, your fashion and accessories website to shine as the perfect guest.

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