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‘Shopping is my cardio”’

Guests, today’s post we couldn’t be more excited to write. We take a look back years ago at one of the most important fashion icons in history. Who fearlessly showed us her passion for the industry. We bring you Sarah Jessica Parker’s look, read on!

As Carrie Bradshaw said, “I like to have my money where I can see it. Hanging in my closet” and how right she is guests. Because today’s post will encourage you to become the guest that everyone will put first on the guest list.

NOTE: If you haven’t seen Sex and the City, it’s the series of fashion, you can’t miss a single style…

We know that Sarah ‘s look can be a bit excessive when she goes to events, don’t you remember her looks at the MET or that strapless dress she wore with Alexander Mcqueen? We live for that plaid and avant-garde inspired dress…but back to the topic, we are going to guide you to launch you into this fashion adventure.

Sarah’s style has always been to go for more, but it is true that in many events she has been able to lower that madness of volumes and complements that have caught our attention. Making a niche for herself in fashion, we’ve seen her wearing plain fabrics and elevating the look with contrasting heels (we all love those Manolo’s that Big gave her and you know it…).

By night the sparkle, and by day too. She elevates her morning look with a pair of jeans and a sequined T-shirt creating a casual look, at night, she dazzles. She is also a fan of the masculine look, a black or gray suit with a pair of heels of infarction is her downfall.

For her hairstyle, she dares with everything, from braids in the shape of a Princess Leia thread to a hair with waves in a surfer style. Her makeup matches her base, perfectly smooth skin, and to accentuate her look, she opts for eyeliner and colored shadows for different looks depending on how she feels that day, fun right?

“Love is the only garment that never loses style.”

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