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When choosing the perfect earrings for your next event, you have to take into account many factors. And it is not as simple as it seems, it all depends on the dress, style, hair color, hairstyle‚Ķ STOP! Don’t stress! INVITADISIMA stylists come to your rescue and will solve all your doubts and concerns so you can be the perfect guest at your next event.

Next, we will show you the best designs from brands such as Acus complements, Welowe or Debona, and best of all, all available on our INVITADISIMA website!

Depending on the neckline of your dress, blouse or jumpsuit, combine one type of earrings or another, we can not wear the same earrings for a strapless dress, for one with closed neckline or boat neck. The less cleavage our dress has, the more prominence we give to our accessories and the more importance they gain.

For open necklines, we recommend long earrings with fall, such as strapless or boat neck. Dare with bangs or precious stones, they will mark verticality in our face. Box necklines or closed necklines, require earrings that are striking, but not too long, highlight the color. But never more than the color of your dress or outfit itself. If you are going to dare with a printed look, you know that we love printed outfits. Complete your look with a discreet and sober earring like a golden pearl or a classic one.

We have to take into account that, depending on the hairstyle, one type of earring or another is also required, since your hairstyle will completely define your look. If you are going to wear it up, go for a striking or large earrings to highlight the features of our face. In case you choose to wear a headdress, headband or canotier, try to match the color of both accessories along the same line. If you opt for a braided updo, make sure that your earring is discreet, such as gold earrings or a simple and sober brilliant.

Finally, if you have already chosen your look, a plain or patterned jumpsuit, choose some eye-catching ones covered with rhinestones or bangs in vibrant colors. If you have chosen a cocktail dress or you are going back to the palazzo pants trend, opt for pearls to show off that youthful and casual look, you will be beautiful!

If on the contrary you are a minimalist person and want to look discreet, the best jewelry has a lot of architecture, choose a gold or silver jewelry for your simple dress and just calling the attention with a good earring you will be i-de-al!

Are you looking for an earring to feel unique in your next BBC (weddings, baptisms and communions) or graduation? In INVITADISIMA we will be happy to help you choose the perfect jewel to show off your face 100%, any questions you have, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to hear from you! – Remember that our styling service is totally free and without obligation.