Portada tez

If there is something we like to start a Monday, it is a new brand that we have just agreed for this guest season. We tell you the story of TEZ Originals. The brand that will make you fall in love with prints and be the queen of the event.

The brand that will renew your event closet and make you the first guest on the list.

TEZ Originals is a new brand with unique, creative, personal, intimate designs created out of pure passion for fashion by an expert in design and dynamic styling. We are already making our wish list to succeed in our next wedding or special occasion.

Founded by award-winning fashion designer “sister” and an entrepreneur “brother”, TEZ Originals is a family-owned brand that is here to bring a fresh perspective to take down the online fashion industry by increasing variety and quality. From designs to the next level.

All original textile designs, carefully selected fabrics, everyday wearables and high-end styles combine to create TEZ Originals‘ first unique collection.

Can you imagine the movement of the airy fabric with a unique and dreamy print?

We were not going to leave you with honey on the lips, here we leave you a close-up of what you can see on the web soon.

mono largo fiesta negro lentejuelas invitada tez