vestido fiesta

January is here, and our desired 2021! And with it… the amazing sales on party dresses of our brands that you can’t miss. To us it already seems the best way to start this new year, and as it is expected if the situation allows it, this year comes loaded with events.

It is time, because this 2021 is going to bring and we have been able to buy it, the best sales we have seen for many years. After a complicated year, the brands that collaborate with us need to give you an outlet to these pieces so ideal before we welcome the new spring-summer.

It is the opportunity to buy that party dress that will make you dazzle at your next event being the perfect guest like never before.

We help you to make a selection of the brands that you can find on the INVITADISIMA website and the discounts applied in each case, so you can find some pieces that will transform your closet, and make it the object of desire of this year that begins with great desire, better intentions to dress and with the dream of being able to start wearing spectacular looks to our events.

BAVAN STUDIO. The party dresses brand with Portuguese essence.

This Portuguese brand of party dresses surprises us with a 50% discount on their cocktail dresses, if you are looking for simplicity and a basic closet that you can use in any occasion, do not think about it!

CARMEN FERNÁNDEZ ACCESSORIES. The elegance of simplicity in a complement.

It’s time to take the opportunity to buy your perfect ally, which will accompany you in your most special events and will put a different touch to your looks. Take advantage of the 10% discount on the items presented by this brand, they are true jewels.

D’NUE FOR LADIES. Exclusive handcrafted designs.

If you are looking to delight those present with an ideal complement, you can not miss the 20% discount offered by the brand par excellence of party bags, pamelas and headdresses, you will shine as the perfect guest.

GATSBYLADY LONDON. The inspiration of the happy 20’s.

Do you dare with the 20’s style? This brand offers us with this collection, party dresses inspired by the purest 20’s style, with which you will not leave anyone indifferent in your next event. I invite you to take a look because they are spectacular, and in addition, now you have a 15% discount during the days of sales.

LAHIVE. An ode to women.

An ode to all strong women, so that they never stop feeling sexy and confident. The party dresses that this brand shows us are always a sure hit, either for a special event or why not, for a moment when you feel like feeling special. Take advantage of the 30% discount, you won’t regret it.

LAUREN LYNN FASHION. Haute couture finishes at affordable prices.

Always remembered for its unique patterns, which adapt perfectly to the woman’s body enhancing the figure so you feel feminine and sophisticated, and you can shine as the perfect guest. This premium brand specialized in party dresses offers these days a wide selection of continuity items with discounts up to 40%, run to our website to see them!

LAUREN LYNN ACCESSORIES. The perfect combination for your party dress.

Do not miss the beautiful bags that shows this prestigious brand, and take advantage of the fantastic opportunity offered these days of 10% discount. Choose yours, it will be the jewel that you always keep in your closet to accompany your party dress and complete a spectacular look.

LEANDRA BAGS. A mixture of tradition in a bag.

Her bags make the difference becoming real objects of desire. It is a blank canvas that transmits the style and beauty of their best creations. This brand is our bet for the timeless and exclusive. It is impossible to say no, with the 30% discount of these sales, it remains at an irresistible price.

MAUI. Designs that will make you dream.

The creation of this brand comes from the desire to produce unique pieces inspired by a cosmopolitan and independent woman. His collection of party dresses full of simplicity will be an essential to have as a closet background. Enjoy the 20% discount on our website.

MERAYO BAZ. The result of passion, fashion and sewing.

Through a collection endowed with pure and architectural patterns, in colors that embellish the woman’s body, it moves away from stereotypes offering unique designs. If you want to attract the attention of all the guests at your next event, do not hesitate and take advantage of the 15% discount offered in their latest collection.

MERYFOR. The Andalusian essence in a party dress.

A brand that brings freshness in their designs, getting love to all audiences, even the most fashionistas. Their party dresses follow the latest trends to put the innovative touch you are looking for in your wardrobe. They surprise us with a 40% discount on all their pieces, and make us can not resist to buy them.

MIPHAI. Party dresses made one by one by seamstresses in Spain.

This brand presents exclusive and timeless party dresses so that you, the perfect guest, feel special. The fabric in which they are made and the volumes will not leave you indifferent.

SOMETHING BLUE. Elegance in a pair of shoes.

This brand of party shoes is characterized by the elegance they bring to a simple party dress, and all their shoes have a special touch, either with a jeweled piece or with a simple bow. Also, you can combine it with a casual look and give it the versatility they offer. Check out the discounts they offer on our website.

NITA SURI. The unique design handbags brand.

Meet the exclusivity of this brand of Haute Couture handbags characterized by its designs with unique shapes, and inspired by famous architectural works of art. All the pieces are made with top quality leathers and are lightweight so you can carry them with ease. If you are passionate about art and enjoy appreciating the small details, now is the time to get one of them because you can find them with a 20% discount in our sales.

VINTIVINTAE. Vintage headdresses.

This brand offers headdresses and pamelas inspired by other times with vintage air while current, with careful designs to the smallest detail. If you have an event this year and you are looking for something that makes a difference in your look, this is the opportunity to take advantage of the 10% discount offered by the brand in INVITADISIMA.

We hope it has helped you! Have you already choosed your favorites of the INVITADISIMA sales of this 2021?