Portada P roses

This week is all about brands with siblings, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome to INVITADISIMA two sisters who give life to P&Roses. Want to know more?

The brand that will bring freshness and fun to your perfect guest look.

P&ROSES was born from the hand of the “de la Rosa” sisters, Paula and Àngela. Their childhood surrounded by manila paper and entrepreneurial and adventurous spirit born the desire to carry out this project, where they unite two great passions, FASHION and TRAVEL.

And why kimonos? It is a versatile, original garment that lasts over time. It is a new design concept: they REINVENT the traditional pattern of the oriental kimono transferring it to the West, making it an INFALLIBLE garment that turns a basic look into a totally chic and daring one to be the center of attention.

Comfortable, elegant and stylish garments. For women with personality, daring and all-terrain in all areas of your life. A firm that will give much to talk about in guest events.

Their passion for living life intensely and learning from everything that surrounds them, makes them create the most beautiful and careful designs so that you can enjoy that mixture that characterizes them between the South and the Mediterranean.

They are committed to slow fashion and create garments conscientiously so that they last over time. They fully believe in the potential of our country and therefore the clothing is made in Spanish workshops with handmade finishes.

These collections are limited editions. The mixture of styles, colors and fabrics in each kimono, make each of the designs are unique pieces where originality and quality are the hallmark they want to convey.

P&ROSES is freshness, vitality, originality and elegance. We can’t wait for it to arrive at INVITADISIMA. We can assure you that you will love it.