Portada invitada perfecta mundo rosa

Wear this pink look to your next event, and be the perfect guest!

The perfect guest of all, Sandra Majada. Shows us a very chic, romantic and fun guest look to inspire you in your next wedding or party.

If there is something we like about INVITADA PERFECTA – Sandra Majada is her passion for this special sector as the guest. Thanks to her inspirational looks we have had great help from her when choosing the perfect look. So that you can enjoy and feel like a unique and incomparable guest at your events.

Well, after many sessions, Sandra Majada has chosen several of our products in INVITADISIMA that you can get in just one click and ready to shine.

An inspiring total look for those guests who have a morning wedding or a party. This time she has chosen a cocktail party dress that you were clamoring for as it is composed of an incredible fringed skirt, a golden belt and a top as is the American jacket, a dress that has it ALL.

For her accessories she has chosen beautiful long earrings with ‘Hellenic’ leaves, a spectacular pink party bag with gold clasp and a nude sandals top with shiny gold straps. A romantic and charming look to dazzle in your special occasion.

This look is so special that you can wear it in any season of the year, from spring to autumn. We are completely sure that you will triumph with this total look from INVITADISIMA.

Here we leave the photos and the products with their link so you can run to get it and shine as the guest of 10.

vestido coctel rosa flecos invitada

Powder pink cocktail dress with fringed skirt and blazer


Powder pink cocktail dress with fringed skirt and blazer

pendientes largos hojas doradas sandra

Long earrings in the shape of golden leaves

bolso de fiesta rosa sandra

Pink party bag with gold clasp

sandalia rosas con tiras doradas sandra

Pink sandal with gold glitter straps