We already have another brand in our guest website, and we can’t be happier! Thanks to this special world, our team of INVITADISIMA stylists put all their love and dedication to get the best brands to dazzle in your next celebration. And today we bring you a brand of accessories that will make many will envy: Marita and Me. Let’s know a little more about the philosophy of this wonderful brand that you will wear at your next wedding, baptism or communion, Ready?

Why Marita and Me? They create jewelry and costume jewelry of the highest quality, and at affordable prices! They offer the synonym of quality, beauty, freshness and uniqueness and none of their designs leave the atelier if they do not meet these four qualities. The word that defines their firm is ”special”, and there was no other better word to describe this wonderful brand. Because when you get one of their jewels, you are acquiring a unique and exclusive piece.

Their style transforms your guest look, and they describe themselves in five words: sweet, fresh, special, sophisticated and timeless, and we love it! Because you will wear their designs wherever you go and whatever you wear.

As history, we know that this firm already had family roots that worked in glass. And they have always been struck by the fact that glass was made with sand. A metaphor, the hourglass had become their life and they took on the world of crystal. As a result of this, Marita and Me emerged from the materialization of an idea. From the creation to how to express things to the world. And as they always say, they don’t create jewelry, they catch moments of inspiration and crystallize them and how wonderful to have such a dreamy mind!

We wanted to include this brand in our list of jewelry, and never better said. Because the material with which they work which is the molten glass make each piece a wonder. The honesty with which they say ”made in Spain in a purely handmade way” makes us fall in love even more. Proud as we are of their pieces, they manufacture in Valladolid and our capital, Madrid.

For reasons and stories as special as this, we are delighted to have it soon with us, because once again a guest brand as special as this, could not miss in your closet. The team of INVITADISIMA stylists are happy every day to advise you in a world as special as this, we are delighted that you write to us!