Soon in your hands and jewelry boxes you will have Lavani Jewels. Unique and spectacular designs that will conquer all events to make you the perfect guest. Do you want to know more, keep reading!

They design unique, trendy and special jewelry for today’s woman.

At INVITADISIMA we fall in love with the stories of our brands. And for that, what better story than the one we are going to tell you. About this incredible jewelry brand that many will ask you where they are from.

The firm started in 2014, with two medical students with a great illusion of traveling the world and all possible creations in the world. They came up with the idea of selling jewelry through the well-known social network, Instagram, and with this tool their passion for creativity and design emerged.

They always work with natural stones and noble metals from Valencia and using the latest innovations in jewelry.

As they say, they innovated in their products with 3D silver printing; without leaving aside the style of handmade jewelry that characterizes them so much and that for years has been put into practice today.

Since they started, they have swept the board with more than 12 collections, with 2 stores of their own and more than 60 points of sale in Spain, and now here as part of the INVITADISIMA family, and we couldn’t be happier!

You are the priority, and their goal is to offer you authentic, unique jewelry at a very reasonable price.

And how does the jewel get into your hands?

Each of its collections involves an elaborate production process. A delicate process that gives essence to their jewelry.

From paper to reality, they start with an idea. They find inspiration in an infinite number of things, which can come from anywhere, from textures to an element of nature, which is one of the inspirations in each of their collections. Once the piece is conceived, the digitalization of the design begins. Thanks to this, they can play with shapes and even improve the design and then attach it to an artificial face.

It is then, when they have the complete design, when they begin to introduce and mix colors, thinking about the season and the trends of each period and taking care of even the smallest detail.

In the final part, the three-dimensional figure appears, making sure to outline the details, finishes, proportions, textures, stones, volumes, reliefs… endless things!

Each jewel is made by hand, with hand-cut and hand-set stones and even use the ”raw” stone as it comes from nature. A very laborious process as it has to fit the mold they have created. And with all this, they get the first sample of the jewel that has to pass quality controls.

And from the workshop to your jewelry box, each Lavani Jewels design has gone through a careful study, ensuring by the SPTO that they are totally original and special models for you.

At INVITADISIMA we are more than sure that this piece will bring light to your face and will be admired by many at your next event or special occasion.