Hats, headdresses and MORE to be the Perfect Guest!

Today we are going to talk about a fashion accessory that every day is more fashionable, not only we see it in BBC’s but in the street too! HATS… yes, that accessory that makes us throw our hands to our heads every time we have to choose the one that best suits us. Don’t worry, breathe, our stylists will save you from that guerrilla and will give you the best solutions. Get comfortable and read on…

Hats, headdresses and MORE to be the Perfect Guest!

We’ll start with a few basic rules before you choose your hat, headpiece or head accessory so that when you get it, you’ll arrive and be the perfect guest!

To begin with, height has a lot to say, because if you are petite the ideal would be to choose a small hat, don’t let the brim of the hat exceed the width of your shoulders! If you are tall, opt for a brim at the height of your shoulders, never a small one, it will enhance your height much more.

The figure influences a lot, if you are a person with a wider complexion, go for a high top hat with a small brim to stylize you. As a hairstyle, don’t stress, it’s very easy! Ideally, depending on the type of hat you are wearing, low updos or low ponytails are the most appropriate, and if you are wearing a headdress and want to let your hair down, waves are the perfect option!

Already? No, there is still much more to know…

The face is the important thing, because the day we have an event, we want to look beautiful. If your face is round, choose an intermediate brim, not rounded as in the case of an elongated face. If we are talking about a square shape, the ideal would be to opt for an uneven brim, they will look great!

What do you wear it with? Here we have solutions for everything…

If you have chosen to wear a pamela, we recommend a knee-length dress or a cocktail dress, never a long dress, NEVER! Headpieces can accompany any length of dress, we opt for both short and two pieces!

Here are some ideal looks for you to be the guest that everyone will want to have at their next weddings, baptisms and communions!

1 5
Wide-brimmed champagne-colored pamela with natural and preserved flowers and leaves
2 7
Raw base plate style pamela with flowers, preserved leaves and semiprecious stones.

At INVITADISIMA we love events, if you have any questions or need any advice, you can ask us in the comments box and we look forward to hearing from you! Hats.