Long party dress with strapless bodice, sweetheart neckline and corset lacing with which you will shine as the perfect guest.

We are back with this section that our stylish guests like so much, the total look of a color! And what is it today? We have chosen the color gray, with a few touches of contrasting color in the accessories so as not to stick to a single color in the whole outfit and thus be a fun and stylish guest. The best part? It can be worn for both summer and fall events. Ready? Here we go!

Why this color and not another? Don’t despair, we will have many more colors in the future! Gray has been a requested color in our website, why? It feels great, it transmits confidence, maturity and security, and that’s how we like our INVITADISIMA women. The darker and closer to black this color is, the more elegant and mysterious you will be. On the contrary, if it is lighter and closer to white, the calmer you are, curious eh?

Let’s go with the first look! The team of stylists of INVITADISIMA has prepared this beautiful long party dress, and hold on it is convertible!, ideal to wear in the way that most favors your figure for both weddings and bridesmaids, a dress of great quality that you can wear in countless events. We have chosen these earrings with fine edge in gold color and natural amethyst stone. It has a delicate and exclusive design so you can wear them both at a special event and to include it in your most casual looks. It will give it that ideal touch of color that you are looking for. We want you to be a guest with style, therefore, we have chosen an Antelina party portfolio and rhinestone closure. This beautiful party bag has a metallic chain that you can put or remove depending on your liking. This wallet is very comfortable due to its measurements and its closure that perfectly stores the content you have in it.

How could we leave you with only one look!

Pearl grey long party dress with asymmetrical neckline by Revie London at INVITADISIMA.

It brims with glamour and sex appeal in the stunning Angelina dress. With a bold cut on the upper thigh, this glamorous pearl grey maxi dress is sure to catch the eye at your next event as the perfect guest. It is a dress that you can wear both to weddings and baptisms, and communions too! We believe that, to enhance your natural beauty, these earrings with green stones will be perfect with your look. And finally this oval Antelina bag with metallic closure, perfect for any occasion and give that touch of color to your look.

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