Portada guantes de invierno

The accessory that will get you out of trouble this winter.

Some of you will have the opportunity to enjoy a wedding or a party this winter, and in today’s post we bring you the protocol of a must-have accessory for your next event.

Guest, we will take you out of doubts explaining the protocol that should be worn to a wedding or an event if you decide to wear the star accessory essential for your occasions this winter, the gloves!

A complement that is becoming more and more fashionable among the guests and that being necessary in winter dates, believe it or not, there are some rules to follow if you decide to wear this elegant and sophisticated accessory that will complete your perfect guest look.

To wear gloves properly, we will start with the length of the glove. A very simple tip, depending on the length of the sleeve of your dress or two-piece, the shorter the sleeve, the longer the glove and the longer the sleeve of your dress, the shorter the glove.

The question we have most in mind is, when to wear them? It is something relative, logically we will think that they will always be worn once you are outside the enclosure or church, but when greeting the guests, you must wear a glove, specifically the one on the left hand, with which you will have the bag and the right glove. When we eat, we take them both off, for the dance if you want you are free to put them back on, so they don’t get lost!

Depending on where your event is held, there are all kinds of fabrics, and gloves are associated with Autumn-Winter, right? Well, you will have to choose the right fabric for your gloves depending on the weather. For days when it is not too cold, opt for suede or satin, on the other hand if it is very cold, we recommend our favorites, leather or velvet.

Finally, the color of your gloves will give the elegance and sfistication you are looking for in your perfect guest look. You can find gloves in all colors, the same color as your dress or two pieces will always work, but we love the neutral contrasting colors like nude that works with absolutely everything.

If you have an event around the corner or you are the godmother of the wedding and you need advice, do not hesitate to contact our team of INVITADISIMA stylists.