Portada kaia gerber

Wear Kaia Gerber’s sophisticated style to your next party.

If you are looking for inspiration for your prom, party or have a wedding around the corner. Stay here with us and be on the lookout for Kaia Gerber’s style.

Cindy Crawford’s daughter has taken a huge step in the fashion world. With great designers like Moschino, Chanel or Max Mara. Since she was 10 years old she started her professional modeling career following in her mother’s footsteps. What can we say about this stellar model, have you seen what a family?

We define Kaia as a cosmopolitan with a fresh and youthful style that is not afraid to dare with the latest trends. From prints to dresses with ruffles and rhinestones, a spitting image of her mother.

It is true that she is daring, but many times on the red carpet she appears with minimalist looks like long dresses in plain tones that look great on her. In her day to day she can combine basic garments with flashy clothes to go to the last and her privileged physique shows it in her networks that she is a fashionista.

For her makeup and hairstyles we let you know that she bets for a total natural look. She wears simple updos and her magnificent hair is let loose for her more elegant and sophisticated looks making her a guest on the list of all events, of course her personality as far as we know is that she is a somewhat shy girl but at the same time outgoing and fun as her whole family.

We leave you some looks that we are sure you will be inspired for your next party as the perfect and glamorous guest that you will be:

vestido coctel lavanda volantes

Lavender cocktail dress with ruffles available (Pinterest).

vestido fiesta negro falda tutu invitada

The cocktail dress with black tutu skirt available (Hello)

vestido fiesta blanco coctel tul invitada

White party dress with tulle sleeves available (Pinterest).

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