Every week we surprise you more and more with the new brands that are about to enter INVITADISIMA. And soon you will have in your closet one of the favorite brands of Invitada Perfecta, Fátima Angulo. Do you want to know more about her? Keep reading!

The brand that will give freshness and sophistication to your guest closet.

Fátima Angulo began experimenting with sewing when she was just 9 or 10 years old and little by little her hobby became her dream profession.

Word of mouth led her to create the Fátima Angulo brand in 2010. And since then, every day she has been eager to learn and improve in order to provide the highest quality service. To women who want to be themselves on very special days.

To create their collections is inspired by the Mediterranean woman. Bearing in mind that you have to let the fabrics and cuts speak for themselves, showing elegance, freshness and sophistication in every movement. With an atelier in Elche, the space where you can find dresses, skirts and blouses that are part of their collections and where the same can be fully customized.

Each of her party looks have been the result of a deep reflection, in which both the design and the tailoring have to offer an impeccable result, the designer calls it to dress Perfect Guests and Charming Brides.

And at INVITADISIMA we hope that very soon we can have her with us, with her incredible designs for elegant and dreamy women who will be able to enjoy dresses full of charm to mark that special moment in your life.