Very soon in INVITADISIMA we will have the guest accessories brand, Eme Jewels. A brand that will bring freshness and novelty to your jewelry box. Do you want to know more, keep reading!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks to discover this wonderful brand coming soon.

Our team of stylists has contacted Eme Jewels to renew your guest jewelry box, and we could not be happier that they have agreed to start this adventure in such a special sector as the guest.

It is a 100% handcrafted jewelry brand that creates different designs in limited editions and manufactures throughout the country, so hurry up to get yours!

Their passion for jewelry and craftsmanship has totally marked the identity of their firm, they are committed to sustainable production and are attentive to every detail to create a unique piece for you. One of the brands that has entered the eco-luxury sustainable markets.

Their star piece and first design was the silver button, which from there would lead the beginning of a collection of Basics. For the rest of their catalog they have limited edition pieces.

Winners of the Spanish Association of Image Professionals Award in 2018, true to their identity and lovers of jewelry, they have made each piece increase in value as the years go by making them a personal hallmark.

Unique and timeless jewelry.