Guest! It’s time to leave behind that last minute stress and nerves to choose your perfect earrings for your next event. In today’s post we will show you which earrings will suit you best according to your face. Let’s get started!

We could say that earrings are one of the most important elements to complete that perfect guest look at your next wedding or christening. Girls, stay tuned because not only will you have perfect earrings for a wedding event, but you can also go to this post or rather to our wonderful guest website, INVITADISIMA, to succeed in parties and graduations.

TIP: The star tip to get it right with your guest earrings is not to use earrings with the same shape of your face. Be careful!

For an oval face, you are in luck, you can really go for any type of shape as it does not unbalance the harmony of your face. Many of you with this advantage is that not only the earrings will be easy to choose, but also the type of hairstyle and makeup that you will use in the most expected day. How wonderful!

For those of you with a more square face, it’s a bit more complicated, but don’t worry! To find that harmony between angles, the perfect earrings for you to enjoy without any fear are the perfect geometric earrings. Look at these!

pendientes redondos de fiesta

Earrings with hoops available

For those of you who have a rounder face shape, stay away from those that go with your face because they will accentuate it much more. Choose elongated earrings, with the detail you want, they can be classic and minimalist or colorful with a little relief. What do you think of these?

pendientes alargados para bodas

Chain earrings with stones available

If your face has a rectangular or elongated shape, opt for large round earrings. You can find them in many types and they are always a hit at weddings, baptisms or communions, these are our favorites!
pendientes redondos verdes de invitada earrings

Green Garden earrings available

We finish with the heart or inverted triangle shaped faces. Avoid those earrings that end in a point or are too wide at the beginning, choose those earrings with a subtle oval shape, you are just one click away from having these!

pendientes ovalados para invitadas earrings

Tricolor earrings available

So far today’s post girls, we hope to have solved your doubts and make it easier for you to choose the perfect earrings to succeed as the perfect guest at your next event. If you already have your earrings, send us a picture of your complete look! We are sure you will be the envy of the event….