Portada Carmen Fernandez

The bag that will drive you crazy we have it at INVITADISIMA!

Guests, we can not be happier to introduce you to the brand of guest accessories that will break with everything you have in your guest closet. And that you will want to have already in your hands, Carmen Fernández Complementos.

If there is something we like in INVITADISIMA, it is the confidence that we get from the brands that want to work with us and make this sector as the guest, even more special. And above all to make you feel like the perfect guest in each of your events.

The designer Carmen Fernández, founder of this wonderful brand of accessories, born in Madrid. She moved in 2001 to her current residence, Seville, and her first brand was born in the summer of 2014.

What started as a hobby, gradually began to professionalize. Attending presentations and fairs such as the Salon Internacional de la Bisuteria y Complementos (Bisutex) in Madrid. The following year, 2015, Estilo & Moda Magazine nominated her for the Estilo & Moda Awards. For her entrepreneurial work in the accessories section, which gave her a push to continue growing with her brand.

Touching every material, she began working with leather, natural stone, silk and many other materials to make bracelets and necklaces. Which she eventually incorporated into headdresses, pamelas, handbags and many other accessories.

Today, all their pieces are created with passion, first quality materials, handmade each piece for those guests who want to feel complete, unique and above all special.

One of her first collections, Africa, can be found on our INVITADISIMA website and will complete the look of a stylish guest with a classic and casual taste. Carmen creates versatility so that you can wear her accessories for an everyday look as well as for an event.

Have you seen how many colors you can get, we would love them all! What makes it also unique is their selection of brooches to add personality to your bag. We already have a favorite!

An important point to end the introduction to this new guest brand is that it is aware of sustainable fashion, deeply rejecting child exploitation and favoring the creation of employment. A point to highlight that makes this brand even more special, which will reach your hands soon.